When You Should Consider a Dental Crown

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Crowns are veritable workhorses when it comes to cosmetic and general dentistry. That’s because they can either protect or improve a damaged tooth’s appearance or replace those gone missing. They’re also a safe and effective dental solution for people of all ages. As a result, we can use them in numerous ways and for a variety of dental issues.

At Mosaic Dentalour specialists have seen the most severe dental cases and can help provide the care you need, no matter how great or small. If you’ve been having issues with weakened teeth, damage, or pain in your teeth or jaw, we have solutions. Our custom-made, precisely fitted crowns resolve several problems that can impact your daily life and put your long-term oral health at risk.

Here are a few answers to the most common questions we receive about dental crowns.

How does a crown work?

A cap or a crown is a tooth-like covering that goes over a tooth.

A healthy tooth doesn’t need this type of covering, of course. Instead, we recommend crowns for discolored teeth that don’t respond to whitening or those needing extra support to function.

Crowns are also useful in restoring and protecting a tooth after a root canal. In some cases, you could need a crown because of a lack of proper dental hygiene or to conceal a deformed tooth.

Our dentists offer different types of custom-made crowns. It usually takes about two weeks to make a permanent crown to match your natural teeth. While you wait, we put a temporary crown in place, likely made of metal.

Can I get more than one crown?

Yes! Our Mosaic Dental team can create as many crowns as you need to protect or enhance your smile.

And, if you have several missing teeth in a row that need attention, we recommend a bridge or a dental implant to help. A bridge holds artificial teeth in place — or pontics — by using other teeth in the area as support. We cover these support teeth, or abutments, with custom-made crowns.

It usually takes two visits to get your crown or bridge squared away. We examine you, prepare your teeth during the first appointment, and take molds of the affected area. In your follow-up appointment, we install your permanent crown.

Do I need a crown?

To answer that, come see us for a consultation.

During your visit, our team sits with you one-on-one, evaluates your teeth, and discusses your dental history. If a crown is the best solution, we can prep your tooth and take molds immediately. That way, our dental laboratory can get to work making your custom-made crown right away.

However, if your exam shows signs of tooth decay, you could need a root canal before getting your new crown.

Don’t ignore your oral health. Take the first steps to protect your teeth and restore your smile with exceptional dental care. Call us in Sterling, Virginia, at 703-444-5111 or request an appointment online today.